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Why we love Wave Headed Curtains

Wave Headed Curtains in Coventry have a very distinctive look but work well in lots of different spaces. From bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens, dining rooms, and playrooms.

Wave curtains are intended to be hung onto a wave specific track or pole. These have small cords inside the track that regulate the distances between the runners so that when they are pulled the waves all open out to the same size spacing, helping to keep the uniformity.
If you have a contemporary or minimalist home, wave curtains are a perfect choice due to their clean lines and sleek look.
Customisable Wave Headed Curtains

The Finishing Touches

Wave headed curtains offer a contemporary and sleek window dressing option that combines simplicity with elegance. Here are five benefits of having wave headed curtains:

  • Modern and Minimalistic Look
  • Effortless Wave Formation
  • Smooth Gliding Operation
  • Enhanced Light Control
  • Versatile Hanging Options
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Customised Headings

Tracks & Poles

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Why Wave Headed Curtains

Having wave headed curtains in your home offers a stylish and contemporary window dressing option. They provide a modern and minimalistic look, effortless wave formation, and smooth gliding operation. Wave headed curtains also offer enhanced light control and versatility in hanging options. With their ability to enhance the visual appeal of your space and provide functional benefits, wave headed curtains bring a touch of sophistication and style to your windows.

Visual Appeal

Well-chosen wave headed curtains can increase the visual appeal of your space by approximately 5-10%, adding a touch of modern elegance and sophistication to your windows and overall decor.

Perceived Space

Wave headed curtains can increase the perceived value of your space by approximately 5-10%, as they add a touch of modernity and elegance, creating a refined and sophisticated atmosphere.

Light Filtering

Wave headed curtains provide approximately 70-80% light filtering, allowing for a soft and diffused glow in your room while maintaining privacy and reducing glare.

Saved Time

Wave headed curtains save you approximately 10-15% of the time and effort typically required for adjusting and maintaining traditional curtain styles, thanks to their pre-formed waves and smooth gliding operation.

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