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Why we love Outdoor Blinds

We have a wide range of Outdoor blinds in an array of colours which not only look great, but provide you with increased privacy.

With blinds down energy bills are estimated to be reduced from up to 50% due to the blinds maintaining the warmth inside your home and also keep it cooler by shielding and protecting your home from the sun.

High quality Outdoor Blinds in Coventry can protect you from the wind, the rain and the sun’s harmful rays.

Customisable Outdoor blinds

The Finishing Touches

Each outdoor blind offers numerous advantages for your outdoor space, making it a valuable addition. Here are five benefits that come with having outdoor blinds:

  • Sun Protection
  • Privacy
  • Weather Protection
  • Temperature Control
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
Outdoor Blinds

Easily Maintained

Automatic Light Sensors and Motorised Blinds

Different Colours and Blackout Options Available

UV Protection

Outdoor Design

Why Outdoor Blinds

Having outdoor blinds in your outdoor space offers compelling reasons to consider this addition. It provides protection from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area in various weather conditions. Outdoor blinds also offer privacy, creating a more intimate and secluded atmosphere. With their temperature-controlling properties, outdoor blinds help keep your outdoor space comfortable and enjoyable. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal of outdoor blinds can enhance the overall look and value of your property. Embracing outdoor blinds combines practicality, style, and functionality for an improved outdoor living experience.


By blocking sunlight and reducing heat gain, outdoor blinds can reduce indoor temperature by 10-15%, leading to lower air conditioning usage and energy savings.


Well-designed and functional outdoor blinds can enhance the value of your property by 5-10%, attracting potential buyers or tenants.


Outdoor blinds help protect your outdoor furniture, flooring, and decor from sun damage, extending their lifespan and reducing replacement costs by 10-15%.


Outdoor blinds offer a 20-30% increase in privacy, ensuring a more secure and secluded outdoor environment for you and your family.

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